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Mohinga: A Not-To-Be-Missed Myanmar Dish

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A most essential part of Myanmar culture is the Mohinga. Combining the flavors, textures and flavours of Myanmar’s fine ingredients, it is the local’s favourite breakfast dish consisting of rice noodle and fish soup. Some Myanmar people even consider this to be the unofficial national dish! It is available in all parts of the country – though the varieties and spiciness may differ region from region. In all cities and provinces, street hawkers and authentic roadside stalls sell Mohinga.

While the Rakhine Mohinga is cooked with more fish paste and is less soupy, the popular recipe comes from the South. The main ingredients of Mohinga are chickpea flour and crushed toasted rice, garlic, onions, lemongrass, banana tree stem, ginger, fish paste, fish sauce, and catfish. They are cooked together and kept on the boil in a cauldron. This thick broth is served with rice vermicelli, boiled eggs, fish sauce, and garnished with a squeeze of lime, crisp fried onions, coriander, spring onions, crushed dried chilies or sliced pieces of Chinese donuts. It is so popular with the Myanmar people, it’s now a dish that’s served and eaten all day.

For those travelers who crave for an authentic of Myanmar cuisine, Mohinga definitely is a must.

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