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Kakku Pagodas: A Must See Attraction Near Inle Lake

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Myanmar is renowned for its spirituality, shrines and pagodas of great architectural value. The Buddhist culture flourished through the centuries and is reflected in the surviving artefacts.

One of the most historical complexes is the Kakku pagodas (also called Kekku). It can be traced back to 260 BC. After the demise of the Buddha, Devanampiytissa ordered 84,000 ponds and monasteries to be built to house the 84,000 pagodas he ordered to be crafted. These pagodas are enshrined with the Tripitaka scriptures, written by 1,000 selected Bhikkus.

The cluster of Kakku pagodas is located close to Mway Taw village. Kakku is the place where monks meditate and recite mantras. There are also many Bo trees in Kakku, with long stalks and tapering leaves, which turn golden yellow when they age. Up till now, the monks observe two fundamental – under standing the messages contained in the scriptures and insight through contemplation.

Kakku Pagodas near Inle Lake

The complex of Kakku pagodas

The Tripitaka is the foundational doctrine that forms Theravada Buddhism. The three divisions of the Tripitaka are:

1. Vinaya Pitaka

The Vinaya Pitaka governs the daily affairs within the Sangha – the community of Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis. It also includes the stories behind the origin of each rule and solutions to achieve harmony within a large and diverse spiritual community.

2. Sutta Pitaka

The Sutta Pitaka are divided among five Nikayas:

•    Digha Nikaya – the long collection
•    Majjhima Nikaya – the middle length collection
•    Samyutta Nikaya – the grouped collection
•    Anguttara Nikaya – the further-factored collection
•    Khuddaka Nikaya – the collection of little texts

3.  Abhidhamma Pitaka

The Abhidhamma Pitaka underlies the doctrinal principles presented in the Sutta Pitaka and reorganised into a systematic framework that can be applied to an investigation into the nature of mind and matter.

The cluster of Kakku pagodas is one of the most compelling attractions around Inle Lake which will give you a deep insight into Burmese arts and architecture as well as the religious devotion of the Burmese. Check out Sanctum Inle Resort’s Kakku Full-Day Tour for a perfect option to arrange a memorable trip to this sacred spot.


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