• Initial Environmental Examination for Sanctum Inle Resort

    Initial Environmental Examination for Sanctum Inle Resort

    The E Guard Environmental Services has carried out this Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) in August and September 2014 for the proposed Sanctum Inle Resort at the plot number (38), Maingthauk plot, Maingthauk village, in Inle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary, east bank […]

  • Tazaungdaing Festival | Image by Flickr user Jean-Paul Navarroi, adapted under a Creative Commons license..

    7 Most Interesting Myanmar Festivals

    Myanmar festivals are based on the traditional Myanmar calendar and dates are determined by the moon's phase. Here’s a preview of the top 7 Myanmar festivals celebrated country wide. 1. Thingyan This Buddhist festival is usually celebrated from 13-16 April […]

  • Red Mountain Vineyards - Winery

    Top 5 Reasons to Add Inle Lake Into Your Myanmar Itinerary

    Inle Lake measures 13.5 miles long and 7 miles wide. However, up close it is impossible to tell where the lake ends and the marshes start. The surface of the lake is like an endless mirror, reflecting the rays from […]

  • Tea leaf salad, locally named Lahpet Thoke

    The Secret Recipe of Myanmar Tea Leaf Salad

    Myanmar fermented tea leaf salad is a national delicacy and plays a key role in Myanmar society. This dish is locally named Lahpet Thoke, lahpet meaning green tea and thoke meaning salad. This salad is served as a national dish […]

  • Mohinga

    Mohinga: A Not-To-Be-Missed Myanmar Dish

    A most essential part of Myanmar culture is the Mohinga. Combining the flavors, textures and flavours of Myanmar’s fine ingredients, it is the local’s favourite breakfast dish consisting of rice noodle and fish soup. Some Myanmar people even consider this […]

  • Inle Lake in sunrise

    5 Most Captivating Fresh Water Lakes In Southeast Asia

    Fresh water lakes are bodies of unsalted water normally found in low-lying areas. Enclosed by land, the lakes could be filled with water from connecting streams and rivers or runoff from surrounding areas. Microbes living in these lakes help mineralise […]

  • The complex of Kakku pagodas

    Kakku Pagodas: A Must See Attraction Near Inle Lake

    Myanmar is renowned for its spirituality, shrines and pagodas of great architectural value. The Buddhist culture flourished through the centuries and is reflected in the surviving artefacts. One of the most historical complexes is the Kakku pagodas (also called Kekku). […]

  • Intha fishmen are well-known for their one-legged rowing skill

    10 Interesting Facts About Inle Lake

    Unknown to many, there are more than 10 different Shan nationalities living in total harmony in Inle Lake. Let us take a look at the unique characteristics of these tribes here.   1. Intha Intha means Children of the Lake, […]

  • 5 Most Beautiful Myanmar Flowers

    5 Most Beautiful Myanmar Flowers

    The moment you set foot into the country, you will see flowers everywhere! Young ladies selling fresh cut Myanmar flowers at the street corners, flower sellers approaching your car as you are waiting for the traffic to turn green, all […]

  • Inle Lake Attractions: Traditional Floating Craft Villages

    Inle Lake Attractions: Traditional Floating Craft Villages

    When it comes to Inle Lake attractions, traditional floating craft villages are not-to-be-missed stopovers. All built above the Inle Lake, each with its own skills set and expertise. They sell and barter their handmade products in an innovative rotating 5-day […]