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The 5 Must-Dos in Nyaung Shwe

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Our team members at Sanctum Inle Resort recommends the following 5 must do activities in Nyaung Shwe!

1. Hot air balloon

Sanctum Inle Resort Nyaung Shwe Balloon

There is no better way to see Inle Lake other than up above in the sky in a hot air balloon, managed by Oriental Ballooning. When you are up in the sky, you can see the lake, mountains including the unique ways the fishermen of Inle Lake casting the nets with one leg as they cast their nets. Best of all, after the flight, you will be presented with a personalised flight certificate personally signed by your pilot.

2. History of Myanmar though story telling

While there are many puppeteers in Nyaung Shwe, the most prominent of them all must be Aung who comes from a long family history of puppeteers. His shows reflect his love for his culture as he artfully showcases the Myanmar history through story telling. All his puppets and backdrops are handmade by family members. After the show, Aung will answer any question you may have of him, his family, his culture and his love for his country.

3. Snapping away the oval windows monastery

Shwe Yaunghwe Kyaung is probably one of the most photographed places in Nyaung Shwe. Located about 10 minutes by car from Nyaung Shwe city centre, the monastery is characterised by uniquely shaped oval windows. Consisting of two small wooden buildings, visitors can observe the daily lives of the monks – the place they sleep, eat and most interestingly, a main prayer hall, beautifully carved with a few Buddha statues, where the monks meet and meditate.

4. Barter trade still exists at Nyaung Shwe

Located on the eastern shore and within five minutes walking distance from Sanctum Inle Resort, half of Maing Thauk village sits on the lake and the other half sits on land, connected by a 450 metres long wooden bridge. On the hilltop stands an ancient monastery. Known to all as Tawya Kyaung, the views from here of Inle Lake can be breath taking. Located between the village and the monastery are a nursery school and an orphanage. The village is particularly alive when local villagers and villagers from surrounding villagers come and barter or sell the products. Check with the concierges at Sanctum Inle Lake date and time when market opens.

5. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.” – Paulo Coelho

Sanctum Inle Myanmar Red Mountain

That’s what we would prescribe. Drink the whole bottle as the wines here is the best wine produced in the whole country! Located on the southern Shan State, the Red Mountain Estate produces the best wines of the country! All the 400,000 plants are imported from France and Spain, and the cool climate and soils allows the winemakers to produce the best wines in the country. Currently this spectacular vineyard produces Shiraz, Carignan, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Alicante Bouchet.

Sanctum Inle Resort is located at Maing Thauk village. The nearest airport is Heho, served by flights from Yangon, Nyaung-u, Mandalay, Tachilek and Keng Tung. From Heho, drive through quaint villages and scenic hills before reaching Nyaung Shwe. From Nyaung Shwe, continue by land or by boat.

By road: Heho Airport to hotel – 90 mins. By road & boat: Heho Airport to Nyaung Shwe, then Nyaung Shwe to hotel – 1 hour 15 mins. The hotel can arrange for overland and water transfers. Please email for more information.


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